What is science ?

What is science, is the basic knowledge before entering any field of science. Just as Nutrition Science is a field of science. Writing a category on nutrition science in magazine, must know the basic knowledge. If you do not know, what is said about specialize is easy to mistake. That is shameful.

What is science?

Science is about giving a Theory, then observing and discovering evidence. The evidence here is that the object, the data can be touched, calculated. If they verify the theory is correct. Or how many percent accuracy. It is the truth (or close to truth). Conversely, if the evidence show that the theory is false or very low accuracy rate. This is rejected.

True and wrong are not the goals of science, but just a way of saying it. Exactly what science does is go authentically with the evidence.

The theory here can be understood as the hypothesis. It’s just an original guesswork that does not have accurate understanding.

Verify the existence of the Hobbit dwarf

It reaffirms what the definition of science is through a scientific research. Dean Falk joined the research team in St. Louis. To proceed to verify the existence of the Hobbit dwarf.

She uses the endocast method to recreate the shape of the brain. Thereby, the analysis recorded data.

The first one is the BA10 (Brodmann Area 10). It is where thinking, planning, think, and dreaming come into play.

Finally, compared with the brain is affected by a decrease in skull size

, the short woman, the female gibbon, the normal woman, the woman of the upright genus.

Measure, calculate and record the results. Repeatedly examining and analyzing the possibilities.

The process of research and verification of Ms. Dean Falk and the team has demonstrated the basic concept of “What is Science”.

Or, in a simpler way: “If you hypothesize that all tomatoes are red, you can negate this hypothesis by finding a yellow tomato.”

As Ms. Dean Falk said, “What I learned in my research that [the Hobbit dwarf] is not a case of a decrease in skull size may be rejected. If another sample is proven, taken from a person with reduced skull size, results in similar endocast analysis. And this is science.

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