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The following are terms of use of Horoca and thank you for visiting, using the Horoca website.

1. Horoca Terms of Use about Content Copyright:

All content on our website is exclusive. Protected by the DMCA including text and images. Any form of copying of content, images are considered to steal intellectual property of Horoca. If you want to succeed then take it yourself like Horoca. There is no sustainable, authentic success from stealing.

If you want to share the content of Horoca on your website based on Cooperation for development community benefit. Please contact us at contact@horoca.net for instructions on reposting the article.

2. Ownership of website:

Site ownership belongs to Horoca Team. Any use of Horoca content without the explicit certification is considered a violation of law.

Content on the website is Horoca Team and Blogger of Horoca.

3. Responsibility for content:

Missing spelling or misleading information is unavoidable by human subjectivity. The Horoca Team is responsible for modifying them. You just leave a comment for the post.

You can ask us to adjust about something that is not yet available. When updating content, Horoca sends you notifications via Email.

When we have plans to upgrade the website, we will notify you before and after the implementation.

4. Other websites of Horoca:

Currently Horoca has an official fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/horoca.travel

In the future, there will be a number of other websites including: website booking, airfare, hotel, online accommodation; Horoca Tourism Magazine Website; Horoca Tourism Forum.

5. Other links on Horoca:

Horoca has and will continue to update its links with other partners. Currently we use the icon and a picture from Freepik. Horoca will publicly link to Horoca’s content-sharing websites (certified transparently).

We hope to bring the best service experience for you.

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