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The following is the privacy policy of Horoca Magazine:

All information provided by the user in the process of commenting on the website is confidential. Only admin and site administrator know.

Horoca uses a secure https connection, secured by DigiCert’s RapidSSL digital certificate.

Secure connection of http redirect. Therefore, there will be no attack, steal user information.

Users can freely, freely interact with any internet connection. Even if the internet connection is not secure, it is also difficult to attack, steal information.

The email address, provided by you when interacting on the website, is only used for the purpose of communicating and marketing new posts.

We do not provide or sell personally identifiable information that you provide to third parties for any reason (including in our favor).

The display name you do not need is your real name. Just a name to address. You can protect your real name if you wish.

Websites that use cookies on web browsers are for subsequent visits to load pages faster. We do not use cookies to get information on your device or hack your information.

You can rest assured that, the information you do not disclose is confidentiality is safe with us. Horoca just wants to bring you the best experience when using our magazine website. Bring you the most accurate, accurate and up-to-date information, materials, knowledge. It is good for your life to be better.

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