Horoca Privacy Policy.

The following is the Horoca Privacy Policy and thank you for visiting, using the Horoca website.

1. Security Policy on Transaction Security:

Horoca Website uses the digital certificate service (SSL – Secure Sockets Layer) provided by GeoTrust. A subsidiary of Symantec Corporation. The No. 1 internet security software brand from the United States.

With the security of this brand, all basic information such as email, phone number, bank account information or credit card (if available), the account used on Horoca will be 256-bit block encryption (ultra-secure). The information which you provide, share on the website Horoca through Review, Comments, Enter the form is absolutely safe.

Any risk will be compensated by GeoTrust ($ 10,000) and we will refund it to you.

In our form of payment, bank transfer is secure. Money transfer via Paypal has been Paypal confidential and responsible.

☑ Secured by GeoTrust, Paypal, Bank

☑ Safe interaction

☑ 100% compensation if risk occurs

2. Horoca do with the information you provided?

The basic information you provide is the Email address from the Review, Comments, Booking Form we collect, store. We use for the purpose of sending Email marketing promotions of Horoca. Grab the promotion information early to have a perfect travel plan.

Private information collected from the Horoca Booking Form is for the purpose of conducting transactions, negotiations and agreements. After successful sales and service, Horoca only records: Name, Email address and service which you have ordered to serve you for the next time easier.

Email storage is permanent until you want to stop receiving news from Horoca. Or ask for another Email to receive the message. Basic information storage includes the name and service you have ordered for 2 years. After purchasing the service for the next time, Horoca extended the 2 years of information storage.

Horoca does not use your Email, Name for profit purpose with any partner. Only provide for the law if forced to do to cooperate for the investigation, scientific research.

☑ Name, Email, and Purchased Service are saved

☑ The information storage time is 2 years

☑ Two-year extension after the next purchase

☑ Do not transact your information to any partner

☑ Only provide your information to the law if necessary

3. Horoca Security Policy on the browser:

Our website is stored in the browser cache on the computer, mobile used for device source, behavior, and location to track traffic. Market research, customer.

Horoca recommends that you do not save personal information in the browser in any way. Especially, when you are providing us account for the magazine website later that may bring the best service experience for you.

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