Payments of Horoca Travel

1. Pay with Paypal

Paypal payments are not currently available on our website Instead, we will send you invoices from Paypal after you decide to order the tour into your email. This invoice is flexible according to your needs. If you want do not hesitate pay 100%  we will make a standard invoice. If you want to deposit in advance, 50% deposit will be required. You pay 100% of the bill and do not incur a charge.

You have 2 options when making payment:

  1. Use your own Paypal account (recommended for no additional service fees incurred).
  2. Using your bank account, enter your bank card information to process your payment (service fee may be charged from the bank). Paypal accepts VISA, Mastercard. Just a card with the bank account.

Note: Pay directly from Paypal although no service fees incurred but absolute privacy by Paypal.

The following is a photo of the receipt process and payment.

Step 1: You will receive a Paypal email invoice from Horoca Travel.

Step 2: Click on “View and Pay Invoice” to view the invoice.

Step 3: As the image above, click on “Pay $1.00” to switch to another payment page. Choose your form of Paypal account or with VISA card.

Step 4:

a. If you use your Paypal account:
b. If you use VISA / Mastercard:

2. Payment via bank transfer:

In addition, we have another form of payment is bank transfer by internet banking service. This method is for Vietnamese people if they want to pay in VND.

We will send back the successful transfer invoice file after you make the transfer.

Bank account infomation:

Account Name: LE TRI DAT
Account Number: 0061001038280

Account Name: LE TRI DAT
Account Number: 259548099

3. Note:

If you pay via Paypal and in VND (using Vietnamese currency), VND will be converted to USD at the exchange rate of Paypal (see the image above).

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