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Nha Trang Fishing Tour

Take a look some pictures of Nha Trang Fishing tour that HOROCA organizes for you.

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I. Overview of Nha Trang Fishing tour:

Going to Nha Trang Bay, which you do not participate in fishing trips is a major shortcoming. Let join with us and local fishermen to fishing at this diversity sea area. Enjoy your lunch that the local fishermen bake wild fish on the island. This will be a  best way for you to relax and challenge your patience.

II. Schedule:

09h00 Pick up at hotel
10h00 Start the fishing trip at Cau Da port, go to Hon Mun dive site for diving or snorkelling.
12h00 Visit to island enjoy seafood barbecue and fish which catched by yourself.
14h00 Visit Hon Tam Island.
15h00 Back to hotel.

III. Price:

     a.Group 2-3
Price Deposit
USD  76  38

HOROCA apply 10% voucher card: 69 (76)

     b.Group 4-5
Price Deposit
USD  67  33.5

HOROCA apply 10% voucher card: 61 (67)

     c.Group over 6
Price Deposit
USD  59  29.5

HOROCA apply 10% voucher card: 54 (59)

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