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Horoca Recruitment program:

Horoca recruitment blogger program only applies to local people. So there is no need to present this for international visitors to read and understand.

We may have you know something like this:

Horoca Magazine will recruit international bloggers once it has a strong brand. That’s when we expanded the scope of our content. And specialize in content by local people. To get accurate information, close the facts.

Knowledge of the local people, who have expertise with the understanding of travelers do not know clearly. The interaction between the two ideas will lead to the exchange, interactive comments on the website. Brings to the reader countless valuable information to think about.

The content we build includes content that is worth reading over and over again and other content search ideas.

The content of the handbook is valuable as the foundation for new ideas.

Content development is to find new solutions to solve problems in life and society.

Oriented for international bloggers

From now on, you have the need to become a part of Horoca. Follow the path Horoca has chosen. To contribute a small part of solving a problem in life. Then be prepared.

We have an early recruitment program for international bloggers to prepare for the official selection.

Currently, the specific requirements of international bloggers writing is not clearly defined. When will this be announced in the policy page?

Horoca Recruitment – Working mode:

Blogger will send the content to admin for review. Any place that does not meet the requirements of the content must be revised. Qualified content will be posted on the website under the name of the admin. When entering the official stage, there will be a separate account to post without censorship.

We pay international bloggers in US dollars and through bank transfer, Paypal or cash.

In addition, you have questions or email to register for the job, this is the only address of the magazine Horoca: contact@horoca.net

Seeking talented people like thirst !!

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