Content Policy

The following is the content policy of Horoca Travel Magazine.

1.Horoca Content:

All content on Horoca is managed by admin and contributors, bloggers.

Horoca Team and contributors, blogger responsible for content. Modify, update, delete.

Information, material on the website Horoca Travel magazine covers the whole country of Vietnam. Starting from Hanoi and Nha Trang.

Horoca images use no images that are copied on the internet or copyrighted images. All have been edited before upload. That means the end product is made by Horoca.

Journal content also complies with Vietnamese law. Do not analyze, discuss, discuss information, issues related to politics, drugs, violence, crime. There may be mention but only for the purpose of peace, avoidance of evil.

Content will contain quoted information from other sources and will be clearly cited.

2.Website users:

Everyone can leave comments or reviews for posts. No need for a specific account. Just have a clear email address like yahoo, gmail, …

Horoca does not require the user to provide other personal information such as phone number, residential address, ID number, bank account number or credit card number. Website magazines do not need that information to handle any issues. That is the information when using the tour of Horoca Travel new. Be careful of impostors for personal information.

After the first comment, the review is approved by the admin, the other comments are passed without censorship based on the email address.

3.Content copyright:

The content posted on the Horoca Travel magazine website is the brainchild of individuals.

We have copyright protection from the DMCA.

We have copy protection in all forms: copy in black and copy; copy by screen capture; copy the image on the website; copied by the source code of the website.

Only one form can not be proactively prevented is typing the word back to manual content.

4.Protection of content infringes copyright of Horoca:

We limit our content by locking up many keyboard features as well as viewing source code. But if using the manual method, there are two situations to handle:

a.Use the power of the DMCA to remove content.

b.Report to users who violate the copyright on the website so people know when the DMCA has exhausted its power or can not immediately use it.

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